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White Pine Legacy

Leaving a Lasting Legacy of Education

We all want to impact the world in a positive way and leave it a better place because of the things we did. Members of the White Pine Legacy are doing that by including the CEF in their wills and estate plans. By thinking beyond their lifetime and leaving a planned gift, White Pine Legacy Members are leaving a legacy that benefits today’s students and continues for future generations. 


Reasons to become a White Pine Legacy member:

• Your gift will benefit Cloquet students for generations to come.

• Alumni members know they are insuring future students will have the same positive opportunities that were available to them.

• It’s a way to honor your memories of growing up in Cloquet.

• It provides your family and loved ones with a lasting memorial that continues to give back to the community forever.

• Your membership can be recognized publicly. The CEF wants to recognize members, however if you can also keep your membership confidential and anonymous if you wish.

• There are tax benefits to making a donation to a non-profit organization such as the CEF.


As one former Cloquet graduate said, “I’m a member of the White Pine Legacy because I see it as a wonderful opportunity to give back to the schools that had a tremendously positive impact on me when I was growing up.”

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To print a form and read more: White Pine Legacy Brochure.pdf

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How Does It Work?

Leaving a legacy is simple. Attach the following words as a supplement to your existing will or include them in your new will.

Use the following language: 

I, (name here) of (address, city, state, zip) give and bequeath to the Cloquet Educational Foundation, Cloquet Minnesota, ____ percent of my residuary estate (or the sum of $____, or specific property describing same).


Your will can include gifts in the following forms: cash, stock, property (specific or by percentage), real estate (developed or undeveloped), a gift in trust to benefit family members during their lifetimes, with principal conveyed to the Cloquet Educational Foundation at their passing, or a gift of the remainder of an estate when other specific bequests have been fulfilled.

Contact our office for guidance and additional information.

Leave a lasting legacy of education for Cloquet students and the community by remembering Cloquet Educational Foundation in your will or estate plans. 

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