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CEF Marketplace is where we will display beautiful pieces of art created by artists from across the northland and across the nation. You can contact our office to learn more or to purchase the donated art. including the "Puffing Billy" print featured at the bottom.


All proceeds from sales will benefit Cloquet students through the work of the Cloquet Educational Foundation.


Watch this space! As we near the Blue jean Ball Event in 2024 we will be highlighting information about the specialty auction items we will feature at the Blue Jean Ball February 2024`.


The Puffing Billy

Litho print, Royal Canadian Mounted Police 


Pictured here is "Climax," a unique steam locomotive manufactured by Climax Locomotive Company in Corty, Pennsylvania. Strictly a workhorse locomotive, it is instantly recognizable from its slanted cylinders, and the low gearing gives it the extra power for pulling heavy loads of timber. Also, the peculiar looking road bed - instead of rock, they utilized the most plentiful available material, timber.

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