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The Ron Ahlgren Education Fund
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The family of Ron Ahlgren has chosen to initiate a Named Endowment Fund with the CEF to honor Ron's legacy of "the love of learning" and commitment to quality education. The "Ron Ahlgren Education" fund will serve as a lasting tribute to Ron's dedication to teaching and inspiring science in the minds of generations of students. To leave a memorial in honor of Ron, please click here.

More details to follow about Ron's career as a teacher, dedication to family and his support of community. Read the full obituary.


Endowed Funds

In addition to annual giving, the Cloquet Educational Foundation has initiated a named endowed fund opportunity for families and organizations. The purpose of an named endowed fund is to support the Cloquet Educational Foundation’s mission while recognizing, memorializing and honoring a specific individual, family, business, organization or identified cause.


The principal of these funds shall not be invaded, and distribution of funds occurs once a named endowed fund has reached a predetermined level. To the extent permitted by law, that portion of the income and gain from the fund not needed to reasonably safeguard against inflation shall be used to support the mission and purpose of the Foundation at the discretion of the governing body of the Cloquet Educational Foundation. Donations may be made to any or all of the named endowed funds with a contribution of cash, securities, or other property. Contributions can be made at any time.


Because they help to provide the financial security necessary to the continued operation of the Cloquet Educational Foundation, named endowed funds are vital to the future of the Foundation and, ultimately, to the fulfillment of the Foundation’s mission of providing academic, artistic, athletic, cultural and social programs to Cloquet students.


Please review the named endowed funds listed. If you are interested in establishing an named endowed fund, please contact us.

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